October Favorites

October Favorites

Time for monthly favorites!

I think these might be my favorite posts to make. 
They serve as a great reminder of my hoarding problems and adiction for shopping! This month was crazy, to say the least. 
Truthfully, I don't think it was my fault though. As I've mentioned before, we had our family visit from Denmark, for the very first time, and so it was my duty, to show them all the malls of Dubai. It was only fair.. 

I've lived here for almost 6 months now, and I'm still amazed everytime I enter a mall here! They're just so freaking beautilful! 
I can't help myself. Needless to say, everyone was impressed. Especially when we visited Dubai Mall. It's an experience even if you don't buy a single thing. 

Let me get to the point of this post. What's my ultimate favorite purchase, this month? 

My new HudaBeauty Desert Dusk Palette
One of the top 5 best things about moving to Dubai, has definitely been the fact that I can buy HudaBeauty! Back home, I would've had to order, and it's just not the same. 
Being able to go into Sephora and try out the entire line, is just amazing. When buying the palette, I was offered a mini makeover, using desert dusk. Loved it! 

Just look at those pretty colors! 
The pigmentation is out of this world. What you see in the palette, is exactly what you get, which is very rare. 


My second favorite, was probably our new lounge set! I loooove this set so much! We bought it, earlier this month in hopes that it would arrive, before our family. Sadly they couldn't deliver it, until after they had left. 
For all the years I've lived with my husband (he proposed after 6(!) years), I've always wanted a lounge set. But has he said, and I hate to admit he was right, who invests in a lounge, in the cold north? True.. I probably would only be able to use it 3 days out of the year. Not kidding.. 
But ahhh, here, it's a different story, and so I insisted. ;) 
Luckily he loves it too, and we've already made a habit out of using it. 

My Sephora mask purchase.. 
I've written about Sephora's masks several times on this blog. I love them. Needless to say, I was over the moon happy, when I found these! 
You can read my small review of them, right here


These shoes are adorable!! 
I bought these at Dragon Mart, which is kind of like a real Ebay Store. They have everything, and at a good price too. 
I'm pretty sure this is as close to winter boots, as I'll get this year. 

I finally own a pair of Converse shoes! I've wanted a pair since forever, and this month, it finally happened. I didn't want a regular pair, I wanted something funky, so I chose a nice flower print. 

It's no secret.. I love GUESS!
So when I found this dress, I had to have it.. I know, hanging on that sad rack, does it no justice - my fault entirely. I should've made an ootd. 
Luckily I'm going to a brunch later today, and I'm planning on wearing it. Hopefully I'll snap some photos too and share it with you. 


I bought the cutest headband from forever21! (psssst, they have 10% off on your first purchase right now. Find it here)

Every day is bikini day! 
Since it's an endless summer here, I decided to finally invest in a good bikini. What better brand than Victoria's Secret? I bought one from their pink collection in... PINK! 

I've always wanted a Victoria's Secret bra
There's just something about the quality! I hardly even feel that I'm wearing a bra, and they're just so beautiful! 


And a few extra from a brand called Nayomi ;) 

Last but not least.. I finally invested in some dry shampoo! 

Well, that's it for my october favorites! I bought a few more things, but they really deserve to be in ootd posts, so I'll have a lot more of those coming, in the next month. 


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