My Sephora Mask Obsession

My Sephora Mask Obsession

I did it again... 

If you follow my blog, you know that I'm a huge Sephora fan! Especially their masks.. I love everything about them, how they work, smell and look. 
So far, I've tried the Pearl and Rose mask. One for the face and the other for my hair. 

Yesterday, I went to Sephora because.. You know. Because. 
I was so happy to find out they has a sale on their facial masks. Obviously, I had to get both! 

Each box contains four different masks, with different scents, ingredients and purpose. Each contains a filter mask, and their good for a one time use. 
They are super easy to apply, and super easy to remove. You simply let the residue sit on your face, when you take of the mask, and let it do its work. 
Such a great way to give your skin a little extra attention, even if you're super busy. 

In the first box, you'll find four Sephora masks containing of: 

Green Tea Mask
Mattifying & anti-blemish. 

- Effectively absorbs excess sebum
- Reduces the appearance of skin imperfections
- For clean, purified and mattified skin

Ginseng Mask
Toning & revitalizing.

- Provides a tightening effect
- Restores the skins suppleness and vitality
- For toned, replumbed and energized skin

Lotus Mask
Moisturizing & soothing.

- Locks in water to ensure durable moisturizing
- Reduces the signs of fatique and strain
- For a fresh, stress-free and rested face

Rose Mask
Ultra moisturazing & brightening.

- Plumps skin with water for an intense moisturize
- Gives an immediate radiance boost
- For plumber, fresher and brighter skin


Pomegranate Mask
Anti-fatique & energizing.

- Reduces the signs of Fatique
- Awakens & tones the skin
- For energetic, fresh and radiant skin

Lingzhi Mask
Anti-aging & smoothing.

- Helps minimize the signs of aging
- Replumps the skin, making it smoother
- For fuller, glowing and younger looking skin

Honey Mask
Nourishing & balancing.

- Nourishes and soothes the skin
- relieves dry and sensitive skin instantly
- for velvety-soft, comfortable and well balanced skin

Pearl Mask
Perfecting & brightening

- Evens out skin-tone and helps minimize irregularites
- Stimulates skin for high luminosity
- For skin that is even, fresh and brighter

That was my little guide to my new purchase. I hope you enjoyed it! 




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