As I sit here, I wonder who will read this.. How well this page will turn out, what it'll end up becoming and if it'll be good. 

I've wanted to start a blog for years but I'm a perfectionist. First I had to pick the perfect topic, then I'd have to create the best platform, write perfect content.. And you know what? It held me back. How could I achieve this from the start, doing something I basically had never tried? The answer is simple - I can't. 

A few months ago I was reading an article on Etsy from a small business owner, who'd found succes creating bracelets. Her advice really changed things for me: "Done is better than perfect."  There it is.. Done is better than perfect! 

So that's why I'm sitting here, finally writing my first blog post. Because the truth is, I don't know how this will go. Maybe no one will ever see this and maybe I won't write more than a few posts. Maybe my site will be crap. But I know one thing: I'll only produce conent that I'm passionate about. Truthful and personal content that'll reflect who I am. 

So, who am I? My name is Steffie Neve. I'm a twenty-something year old woman, born and raised in Denmark. With a hyperactive need to be creative. I'm a professional photographer working mainly within fashion and beauty. I'm a low-level designer n0ob. (Meaning I only design for my own photoshoots) and I spend too much time on perfecting my makeup skills. 

Despite being a perfectionist I'm also impulsive. It makes no sense and to make matters worse, I am fully aware. I make it work though, and as a reward I can say one thing: My life is never boring. A few months ago, in march, I was sitting in my house in Denmark, preparing a shoot for a regular client, and planning for a quiet and relaxing year of steadily growing my client list.

Today.. In late june. I'm sitting in a hotel-apartment in Dubai, waiting for my belongings to arrive in a container. I'm starting over in a new part of the world. That's what truly made convinced me to start this blog. 

There it is.. My first blog post. I hope whoever read this, had a good time. 

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